Download And Install Megabox For Iphone-

Now we will tell you an easy procedure for megabox download in your iPhone. If you have an iPhone and you tried many times to download this app but can’t download.

You already know that this app is not available in the app store and you have to download in manually from the browser which had a confusing procedure.

But don’t worry we are giving you the simple and easy procedure that will help you to download this app.

So let’s see the steps below:-

First, you have to download an app called vShare from the app store.
After downloading, install it properly and the open it.
Then go to the search option and search an keyword “megabox for iPhone”.
Now after seeing the right icon of this app download it.
After the downloading process installs it and opens this app.
So these are the steps to follow for downloading this app in iPhone. Now let’s talk about how to install it in Android device.

How To Use MegaBox HD App For iPhone-
Now in this paragraph, we will guide you through using this app and trust me guys these steps are so easy that you don’t need to read it for many times.

Just read it once and you can know how to use this app on your iPhone so let’s see the easy steps below:-

Firstly, you need to open the vShare app on your iPhone.
Then search megabox app for Android in the search option.
After getting the icon of the app clicks on it.
Then after opening the app, you will see all the trending videos and movies and you will see a search option also.
Click on that option and search the video or movie that you want to play.
After getting the right video click on that video and choose the quality in which you want to see the video.
And after that, you have to choose play option or download option as your requirement.
So, guys, these are the simple steps from which you can learn how to use this app in iPhone. Now if you have an Android device and you want yo see how to use this app in Android then for you, we are going to see how to use this app in android.

So, guys, this app is going to be very helpful for all those people who don’t be able to get enough time to get entertained and wants to watch their favorite program or episode of their favorite program which they have missed.


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